Governors Island
Playscape Installation

Project: Seasonal Interactive Installation
Status: Built, Complete
-Movement Creative
-Spontaneous Interventions
-Trust for Governors Island
Location: Governors Island, NYC
Date: May-Oct 2016

Design Overview

Designed and built for the 2016 season on Governors Island, and accompanied 

POPUP Public is more than a public space; It is a playscape for all ages and all activities, where 'play' is loosely defined, and its varied forms are embraced rather than merely tolerated by its shared users, city laws, and architecture. 

In many places across the world, but especially in New York City, there is a unquestionable lack of spaces dedicated to, or even just tolerant of, adult and teenage play. Most of the places that do exist are uninspired and uninteresting, providing little value to the user that he or she couldn't find in the street itself. Thus this project stands against the established practice of separating places for play from other public uses, and welcomes children, teens, and adults.